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Google to offer street view of Indian cities soon

Global Internet search engine Google on Thursday announced plans to offer street view of Indian cities on its maps platform. “We are launching the street view project from Bangalore as it is the IT capital of India where IT-savvy users will be able to leverage the benefits of the facility optimally,” Google India product head Vinay Goel told reporters here at […]

What to do when your Google Account is Hacked?

It will be a headache if someone else takes control of your Google Account because all your Google services like Gmail, Orkut, Google Calendar, Blogger, AdSense, Google Docs, Picasa Web, Youtube Videos and even Google Checkout are tied to the same account. Here are some options suggested by Google Support when you forget the Gmail […]

How To Recover Windows 7 password with Ubuntu Linux?

Forgetting of windows 7 password can also become a headache to get back to windows 7 and there are easy methods with windows 7 password to be recovered from a password recovery disk which has been created before or by use of password recovery softwares which will take big amount of time with analyzing all possible options and using […]

How to increase the speed of Internet on Windows 7/XP/Vista and Linux

The internet browsing speed can be utilized to the maximum extent which one’s internet service provider is providing by following the below steps, which basically is not used to the fullest level due to reasons like of DNS and so on. Changing of the DNS(Domain Name System) of the current service provider to the fastest DNS servers of the […]

User Agent Switcher : Browse sites without registering/logging

The Firefox Addon named User Agent Switcher can switch the user agent of a browser into search engine crawlers or bots. All the websites and forums allow the search engine crawlers/bots to crawl the sites without any requirement for registration or logging to the site. The User Agent Switcher addon has the option for switching the user agents to […]

How to Automatically Save passwords in Firefox

The login details used to login for websites infirefox could be made to save them automaticallyby just altering some stuffs in the firefox. Firefox being a opensource product makes one get thesource codes of the application easily and just a change in them can create big differences on many aspects. The login details used on firefox made to be auto saved can be used for phishing purposes easily […]

Article Spinner Including Crack: The Best SEO Software

Majority of online marketers today use article spinners for their article marketing needs – a semi-automated writ to rewrite one article into various articles that are uniquely viewed by activity engines, therefore not beingness hit with duplication proportionality penalties. Article acceptance spinster is the optimum action for website owners that essential to outshine their competitors […]

Top Five Software for Making Presentations

1. Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint from Microsoft, is a widely used software for presentation world wide, and its also the oldest presentation software, about 20-years-old  is still handling major roll in presentation  software . Everyday millions of PowerPoint presentation are given in any given day. The ease of use and popularity of Microsoft Windows is the key to the […]