How to Build Campaign links for Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics gives you a wide range of options for analyzing your sites. One great feature i like most is the campaign links tracking.
Here i will show you how to create campaign links.

Using the campaign link structure you can easily track;


  • Where your visitors come from,
  • What media they used,
  • What keyword they were looking for,
  • What campaign returned user to your site.


Campaign link structure includes get elements starting with “utm_”. Here is a sample campaign link :


As you can see campaign tags are appended at the end of the link. Each tag has a special meaning and gives you great analytics capabilities :


  • utm_source : defines referrer site,
  • utm_media : media type that channeled user to your site,
  • utm_keyword : if this link was an ad, what keyword it was displayed for,
  • utm_content : defines type of link used (image/text/flash)
  • utm_campaign : this tag defines the campaign you created.


Each campaign must have its own unique key. This way you will know which campaigns attract more visitors. Here is a sample screenshot showing data for the visitors that came from blog feed:

Google Analytics Campaign

mpaign links are automatically generated for adwords ads. But if you want to build yourself some campaign links here you can find a campaign link creator.


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