How to Create a Strong Password?

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Create a Strong Password

You may think you are using the most strongest password by using a long password with only alphabets or numbers, but do you know that the long alphabet or numeral password can be cracked flat in max 32Sec.? These passwords can be easily cracked by using a method named Bruteforce.

You can read more about bruteforcing and other methods here : How to Hack Emails

Though now I will show you how you can check your password strength.

How to Check Your Password Strength

  • Go to the following site: How Secure Is My Password?
  • Enter your password in the Space Provided.
  • As soon as you type the password you can see the time it will take by a bruteforcer to crack your password.
  • You can choose a strong password from this site.

Note: This site does not store your password. Though if you are not sure and does not want to take risks you can replace some of your chars. in the password like:
instead of ‘a’ you can write ‘b’ or ’2′ instead of ’1′ .

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