How to create a YouTube playlist?

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One of the challenges of enjoying YouTube is the sheer volume of videos available. Saving videos to your Favorites list is one way to handle this volume, but even the Favorites list can get too large to be easily manageable.

For that reason, you may want to createplaylists separate from (or in addition to) your Favorites list. A YouTube playlist is simply a collection of videos, organized by whatever criteria you deem appropriate. You can play the videos from a playlist individually or as a group, just as you would the songs in a music playlist on your iPod. And, of course, YouTube lets you create multiple playlists; you can have as many as you want.

There are several ways to create a playlist and to add a video to that playlist. The most common method is to open the page for a video and click the Add to Favorites link. When the Add Video to Your Playlists pane appears, pull down the Select a Playlist list, select the playlist you want, and then click OK.

If you haven’t yet created a playlist, select New Playlist from the Add Video to Your Playlists list and then click OK. This displays the Create/Edit Playlist page; from here, you enter some specific information about the new playlist:

  • Playlist Name: The name you assign to the playlist.
  • Video Log: Check this option if you want this playlist used as the video log in your Channel Profile page.
  • Description: A short description of the contents of this playlist.
  • Tags: Optional keywords you can use to describe this playlist.
  • Privacy: Choose whether this playlist should be public (for all YouTube users to view) or private (for your viewing only).

After you’ve filled in all the blanks and options, click the Save Playlist Info button. Your playlist is now saved.

To view the playlists you’ve created, go to the YouTube home page and click the My Playlists link in the My box. This displays the Playlists page. All your playlists are listed at the left of the page; click a playlist name to see which videos are in that list.

To play an individual video in a playlist, click that video. To play all the videos in a playlist one after another, click the Play All Videos link. Or you can click the big Play button next to the playlist name.

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