How to disable new photo viewer in Facebook?

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Even though there is no option in face­book to dis­able it still can be achieved using exten­sions and tricks.

1. Removing of “&the­ater” from the url
When a photo is opened it auto­mat­i­cally opens in the new photo viewer. In the url bar 1 can see ‘&the­ater’ in it. Just remove ‘&the­ater’ and pressENTER. The photo opens in the old photo viewerand like that opening the image in new tab is also works

This simple trick doesn’t dis­able the photo viewerbut will lets the viewer a photo in another page, as its used to be before.this trick would be needed for repeating whenever disabling of the new photo viewer is needed whereas the other methods mentioned below will disable it for good.

2. Using of Scripts like-
a) Bet­ter Face­book is a free script for browsers(firefox, chrome, opera and safari) for enhanc­ing the face­book expe­ri­ence of its user which has an option to dis­able the the­ater view in facebook. To dis­able, install the plu­gin and then check the option of Disable the Lighbox in the theater pop viewer of photos. get the betterfacebook

b) Greasemonkey is another addon for firefox and chrome users which can dis­able the the­ater view in facebook.

c) Face­book The­ater Killer an addon for fire­fox and Chrome also can disable the theater view in facebook. Get the script from here.

d) Old FB Album an addon for chrome can be used to get rid of the light box viewer in facebook. The addon auto­mat­i­cally rewrites the URL to redi­rect you to the old photo viewer.
Get Old FB Album from here.

e) Light Box killer an exten­sion in Google Chrome also can do the same.
Get Light Box Killer from here.

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