How to Embed Your Facebook Fan Page in Your Site?

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Once you have created a page using the method above, you can promote it and get more followers by letting your site users know that it exist. Many top sites including Wired Magazine and others are displaying Facebook fan page on their site to gain more fans (followers).

Here are the three ways you can display them on your site:

Embed Facebook Fan Page in Your Site

Option 1 takes up a lot of space. It shows your streams, and fans. You will see that in the screen shot above, it shows that you are already a fan, but that is because we took the screenshot from the admin page. But if you are not a fan of WPBeginner page, you can see it on our sidebar it will show Become a Fan button.

Option 2 just shows a few of your fans and the count with the title. This is the widely used method that is used among many blogs including ours.

Option 3 is a very simple button and it takes the least amount of space. It does not show the count of fans so it will not be very efficient. Psychologically speaking, when you display social proof, you are more likely to see an increase in new user sign up.

It is against Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) to modify the JavaScript to only show Become a Fan button and exclude everything else. Even though it is possible to do so with a tweak of a few codes, we strongly recommended that you do not violate the TOS because it can result in your Page Removal.

Here is how you can get the code to place on your site:

Embed Facebook Fan Page in Your Site

Embed Facebook Fan Page in Your Site

Click on Other and copy the code. Paste it in your theme file where you want it to appear. Use the correct styling that you like and now you have a facebook fan box on your WordPress blog.

You can modify the height, width and other parameters. For full details check outFacebook Wiki.

If you do not want to go through the Raw Code hassle, then there is a plugin for you called Facebook Fan Box. You can use this plugin to accomplish what we did above.

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