How To Enable Facebook Timeline? – New Facebook Guide

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You probably watched the Facebook F8 Developer Conference on the live streaming or was present at the occasion and might be knowing about all the latest upgrades that Facebook has had!


  • You have got a Scrapbook! i.e A Facebook Timeline.
  • Applications will ask for Permission only once.
  • You can use any Verb instead of the ‘Like‘ or ‘Recommend‘.
  • Less important updates go to the Real Time Ticker.
  • You can watch TV,Listen to Music,Read News etc from your Facebook Account.

In addition to that on the Facebook F8 Day, There was another two records set for Facebook.

It Reached the 800 Million Users Count with most of its users being Active.
It set a new record of most number of users online, A huge number indeed 500Milion!


I will try to explain most of the new upgrades in as simple way as possible. Lets start.

1. The Facebook Timeline

This is a completely innovative feature by Facebook which is a part of the ever evolving profile page. The facebook timeline will feature every bit of information in the social world about you in a well archived and structured manner.

The  timeline will start from the day you were born, You can add missing information to your Timeline. Actually it will show your updates from the Day 1 you joined Facebook but you can add/remove any information you need to.

The timeline will have a cover page which you can set and many more features which will be explained o you when you enable it. Though it will be enabled on every account officially from 30th Sept. 2011, Those geeky people can get it now itself with a short and simple guide given below.

2.  Rename the Like to Any Verb.

Earlier (ahem a few hours back ) All you would do to interact with a Status,Photo,Video etc was to ‘Like’ it. Now the time has changed and you can use any verb you want for the Like button. Pretty soon a feature will be available to Developers and Partners will be able to use any verb instead of Like/Recommend and turn it into a Button.

3. Facebook Applications will Ask for Permission only Once.

This is a controversial new feature which gives the application developers a high road as they only need a single permission from you to publish to your news feeds,collect info etc. Though you will be able to remove the application or Block it from the settings page.

4. All The Non-Important Updates will Go to the Real Time Ticker.

You have already got the Facebook Ticker after the recent layout change , And as you already know, It shows you real time updates like who commented on what,who likes what etc etc. These are less important information compared to Status Updates,Photo Shares,Video Shares etc, From now on, You will get only refined pure important updates on your profile and all other junks like apps updates etc will go to the real time ticker which you can access by hovering over them.

5. Watch TV, Listen to Music, Read News all from within Facebook.

Facebook is about to launch Music & Movies etc Integration which will let you to watch your Favorite shows from Hulu, Listen to your favorite music on Spotify,Read Yahoo News etc and also shares these interaction with your friends via the Ticker. You will soon be getting Music Posts which when clicked will let you play the music your friends shared or your favorite ones Thanks to Spotify.

Good News : After Facebook’s partnership with Spotify (I think thats the reason), Spotify which was earlier invite only based has now removed the invite system and will Also OFFER 6 Months of FREE Music Service.

The usual plans are like this :

  • Free Plans will get 10 Hours of music per month.
  • $4.99/mnth will get you Unlimited Music without ads.
  • $9.99/mnth will get you premium services like Offline Mode,Enhanced Quality,Mobile access etc.

After the 6 Months of Free music, You will be automatically shifted to the Free Plan which you can later upgrade. To get past the invite and join spotify, Use the Facebook Application to get yourself Registered for Free.

That was it with the Explanation Part.


Step 1. Open Facebook & Go to the Developer Page.

Step 2. If its the first time, Click Allow & in the next page click Create New App.

Step 2 of How to enable facebook timeline.

Step 3. In the App Display Name & App Name Space enter any name like my timeline etc. Make sure the App Name Space is available. After that Click Continue and fill in the Captcha.

Step 3 of How to enable facebook timeline.

Step 4. In the next page, Don’t change anything Just click on the Open Graph.

Step 4 of How to enable facebook timeline.


Step 5. Enter anything in the People Can ___a__ & click Get Started.

Step 5 of How to enable facebook timeline

Step 6. Click on Save Changes until you reach the following page.

Step 6 of How to enable facebook timeline.

Step 7. When you reach the above page, Wait a few minutes then go to your Homepage and you will get the Timeline feature intro box. Just follow your instructions and you will be able to publish it.

Though the timeline will be live for everyone on 30th Sept. 2011, You can use it by visiting your profile OR HERE?sk=timeline

Some Tips:

  • Edit your profile picture and place it in a background of size 815x315px to get the exact Cover Page size.
  • Add your missing information to the timeline.

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