How to open multiple Google Talk for multiple user?

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Everyone have multiple Gmail accounts for personal as well as for business, so when using Google talk to chat with Friends and for business, we need to open multiple Gtalk in same system at a time, here how you can see the trick!

There are two options. One is the option I advocated on MakeUseOf back in September which is to make use of the “run as” command in the right-click menu. This one involves making multiple Windows user accounts which may not be acceptable to some people as this creates lots more folders in Windows Explorer.

The other is to create a new shortcut on the desktop (right-click on the desktop, choose “new” then “shortcut”) and in the shortcut properties box, add the path to your Google Talk application in the target box. Make sure though that at the end, you add /nomutex

So my shortcut would be :

“I:\Programme\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex
When the shortcut is completed, you will then get a nice Talk icon on your desktop and you can now drag it (if you so wish) into your start menu and / or your Windows Quick Start dashboard.

There seems to be no limit to the number of Google Talk’s you can run at the same time. As well as maintaining several chat personas, you can also have multiple Talk’s open to check the email for different Gmail accounts or to update to different Twitter accounts.

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