How to Schedule of Email in Gmail?

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Gmail even though not having the option ofscheduling of emails still email can be scheduled in gmail using addons like boomerang orapplications like lettermelater r by using pop3 r IMAP settings.

Some of the methods in scheduling email in gmail are


1) Boomerang is a addon available for chrome and firefox which allows to schedule messages to be sent after a set time and even allows you to schedule an exact time for the message to be sent.

Once the message is scheduled, Boomerang will store the email headers on their servers and sends it at the specified time.

Boomerang’s usability is not just of scheduling email messages in Gmail, it even offers the de-cluttering of your Inbox in gmail like by hiding certain emails and only displaying it after a certain time. This can be quite handy at times like getting notified from it automatically.












People can get the Boomerang from their site

The main disadvantage of Boomerang is having access to the privacy of the gmail users who use it as it will have the messages stored in their servers.

However, Boomerang makes it clear that they only store the email headers of a message on their servers so that they can identify it, and do not store the email body other than that.









2)Services like Outlook and Thunderbird- For these services to be used one needs outlook or thunderbird installed in their system and then connect the Gmail account with IMAP and once it being connected then follow this simple guide it finishes the job. and as emails are saved in local system one needs their system to be turned ON at the time of schedule for their email to be sent.

3) Email Scheduling Services like and has options to send email at scheduled time. these services are usefull not only in scheduling emails of gmail but for other email service providers like yahoo, hotmail etc…  

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