How to Share a Google Plus (+) Circle?

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Google+ continues to increase its user base and continues to add great features. One of the best things about the service is, of course, Circles. The ease with which you can create friend circles and share content with them selectively is what differentiated Google+ from the likes of Facebook and others at the first place (although Facebook did revamp their friends list feature later to enable something similar).

Now, you can also share your Google+ circles. Yes, if you have created a lot of Circles based on your topic of interests and the people you’d like to follow, you might want to share that with other Google+ users who you think could benefit from your collection.

Let us see how to go about sharing a Google+ Circle.

1. You’ll need to click on the Circles tab on your Google+ homepage.

2. Click on the Circle you wish to share.

3. You will now find the Edit, Delete and Share options. Click on Share.

4. You will now get a box from where you can share the Circle with other circles or specific Google + users.

Things to Keep in Mind


1. You can only share the Circles with Google+ users.


2. The name of your Circle will not be revealed when you share it. Neat, isn’t it?


3. People who receive your Shared Circles can make their own changes to that.


So, what do you think about this feature? Will you be doing a lot of Circle sharing on Google+ henceforth?


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