Install Windows XP From a USB Flash Drive?

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In this simple solution I cover one way to Put Windows XP Install Disk on a USB Flash Drive. Installing Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive might be useful for example if you wish to Install Windows XP on a Netbook or Laptop that has no CD Drive. One of the simplest approaches I have found is via the use of a tool called SARDU, created by Davide Costa.


How to Put a Windows XP Install CD on a USB Flash Drive

Create an ISO of your Windows XP Installation Disk and name the ISOInstall_XP_Home.isoInstall_XP_pro.iso, or Install_XP_x64.iso. I used LCISO Creator to create an ISO image of the CD.

  1. Download and unzip SARDU, But DO NOT start it yet!
  2. Copy your Install_XP_*.iso to the SARDU/ISO Directory.
  3. Start SARDU, navigate to the Windows Tab, and make sure it selected your Windows Installer ISO.
  4. (1) Click Search USB, and then select your USB Drive from the list. (2) Click the USB Icon to let SARDU create your Windows XP USB.
  5. Once the process is complete, you should have your very own Windows XP USB Installer.
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