Optimize Your Website or Blog For Google Instant to Improve Search Engine Traffic

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Google recently announces ‘Google instant‘ interface designed with new search engine algorithm to improve the user experience as well as deliver faster search results based on the user input, Search results will popping based on predictive keywords when the user start typing in google search engine without hitting enter button.


According to google, Its own Classic search (Old interface) does takes 9 seconds average for each search results based on user input, but google Instant algorithm does saves 2-5 seconds per search.


But many of the webmasters who experience the dropout in their search engine traffic due to google instant. Search engine journal suggests some quick tips to improve search engine rankings and traffic with google instant. Here they are…

1. Prefix product name or brand name along with your post (or) page title

Always start post or page title with targeted keyword (At least with in first 3 words) such as product or brand name, which will attract the lots of search engine user traffic (Most of the internet users are using search phrase with product or brand name as search keyword) and ensure more probabilities to get your site listed under first page google instant search results.

2. Use your sense when writing post or page title with user perspective

Always name your post or page title with sense and user perspective. Lets say, You are writing a post about nokia C2 mobile phone review. Before to writing the post title, analyze the google instant search results about how users interacted previously with search terms by typing some related keywords for your post with google instant.

The above screenshot is popping up some search results for the keyword ‘Nokia C2 Review‘ which is based on the most previous search keywords used by the google search engine users related to the keyword of ‘Nokia C2 Review‘ Google search suggestions are indicated some most searched and relevant search keywords of the you have written. So, better to include such keywords with your post or page title will increase the probabilities of your site listed under google instant search results.

3. Target the geo specific audiences with relevant multi-phrase keywords

Instead of using competitive keywords, Better to target your content with geo specific audiences by adding relevant multi-phrase keywords (by including city names in post or page title) which will greatly improves search engine traffic. Probably these keywords are not more competitive keywords than other common keywords.

4. Attract visitors with relevant images and videos with brand name

Attracting more visitors with brand name and multimedia content is easier job than any other. Google Instant prefers multimedia content search results when you are using brand name along with well optimized (relevant) images. But to getting listed under Google instant multimedia search results based on domain reputation and aging is key factor.





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