Optimize Your Website or Blog to Perform Well With Google Local Search Results

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Every webmaster knows that, Driving targeted traffic to your site globally through google search results is not an easy task. But do you know d

riving traffic to your website or blog through local search results through google is fairly simple than global traffic? Now a days google prefers more localized search results which ensures great opportunity for small and medium businesses. If you have a business such as restaurants or hotels which targets your local audiences, Don’t miss these steps to optimize your website or blog to rank well in Google local search results.

Know How Google Local Search Results Works

Lets say when the user searches through google with the phrase “samsung service centers in chennai“, In the search results page, Highlighted search results (above the fold) are localized search results based on user search phrase. Similar to that anyone can able to optimize their website to promote their business through Google Local search results. List your website and ranking well with Google local search results is much easier, If you follow these tips as specified below to optimize your website or blog to rank well with google local search results.

Useful optimization tips to rank well in google local search results

Before to follow these tips, claim your google local listings through this link at no cost. Once you added and verified you business, its a time to follow below specified optimization tips to rank well in google local search results.

  • Add images with google local listing will be eye catching and attractive and users are tend to click the search results
  • On page optimization is the key to success in google local listing. Ensure that, you must add name of city in meta title along with key terms of your business
  • Submit your website or blog to other local listings directories which related to your business
  • Make sure that include your complete address along with zip code in website or blog contact page or wherever its applicable
  • Do not forget to add your business location in google maps including with your localized phone number
  • Use more local variations in your website content and in anchor texts. (But do not spam)

If you follow these steps, Certainly your website or blog performs well in google local search results and you will get more targeted users which ensures more business or leads than ever before.



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