SEO Link Building – Thump Rules

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Rules are everywhere and there is no different in the world of SEO’s too.  For a website to be successful there has to be a very strong marketing strategy required to assure listing of the website at the highest level when the search is hit. Most search engines work on links or keywords within the WebPages and display the relevant results with the help of indexing. If a real strong SEO link building is required, there are four golden rules that ought to be considered and followed. These rules ideally rule the entire idea of Search engine optimization fundamental.

Everyone knows these four rules but hardly follow them in the required way. It is extremely important to cover them under the effort towards a single motto – Achieve your website popularity!!


And now…..presenting the four golden rules –

  1. Target traffic
  2. Ensure relevancy
  3. Be in the competition
  4. Allow commercialization.

The strategy for SEO for a website should be formulated keeping in mind that a strong traffic needs to be directed towards the website. This is the first golden rule and an important one too. If there is no directed traffic, there is no way that business would ever happen. Traffic can be directed in two ways – one way is the pay per click and second the traditional search engine way. Pay per click is faster but expensive. It gives results till you pay. Once the payment stops, the traffic stops. The search engine method is slow but regular and keeps the traffic flowing. But a word of caution here is that you need to ensure keyword hits or whatever is the criterion for the search engine to work is fulfilled. If that’s not done, the website may not turn up relevant to the Search engine.

Traffic can be targeted when relevancy to the search engine query exists. This is the second golden rule.  The WebPages must have contents that are relevant to queries hit using the search engine. In other words, the content needs to be interesting to users as well as search engine friendly. Relevancy and traffic go hand in hand. Something that also needs to be noted is that unwanted traffic yielding no sales would eventually be waste of time, efforts and the most important thing one is doing business for – Money! Thus, stress here is more on “targeted” traffic. Make sure the products or services marketed on the website are attractive to the users.


The next key thing that steals the show is the competition. So, one has to very carefully market products, services, website etc in the right way and at the right time. Redundancy in information of the business will lower the clientele ultimately resulting in loss of business. Make sure you are ahead of your competitor in all arenas. Look out for the links that your competitors offer as they may be listed higher in the search simply because of their links. The last rule is to make sure that there is a demand for the product in the market without which no success can be achieved.

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