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How to add category to search engine titles in Worpress – SEO Guide

For a good SEO you need the right keywords in your title. Not too much but the most relative ones. We all use categories on our blog. And those make great keywords. But do we use their power for SEO in a right way? Here I will show you how to add category to your pages titles that are […]

Add Email This Article Option to Your WordPress Posts

Have you seen a site that gives you an option to email the article to your friend. If you have read a newspaper online, then you have. WordPress has a similar feature for the posts. You can add it by simply enabling a plugin called Email This. Once you have installed and updated the settings to […]

How To Change Drupal Theme?

If you are going to customize a drupal theme or create a drupal theme from scratch, you will inevitably find times where the change you have implemented does not show up. This is because the theme information is cached for better performance. This will happen *even* if you have caching turned off on your site. So, I […]

WP SEO: SEO Tool For WordPress

Most of the WP-SEO plugins Sold are Incomplete and Extremely Complicated, TODAY That Is Going To Completely Change. Like you, I’m a big SEO lover and I have several websites ranking well in Google, and those websites are passively bringing in massive profits. But, the problem was that I had to manually optimize the whole […]