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Drupal Node Teaser SEO

In Drupal, the node teaser is the part that shows up on summary pages instead of the full node body. By default it is the first 600 characters of the node body. This can be changed via Administer > Content Management > Post settings (admin/content/node-settings). But, you can better control how much of the node […]

How To Change Drupal Theme?

If you are going to customize a drupal theme or create a drupal theme from scratch, you will inevitably find times where the change you have implemented does not show up. This is because the theme information is cached for better performance. This will happen *even* if you have caching turned off on your site. So, I […]

Drupal SEO Modules Collections

There are a number of Drupal SEO modules to choose from. Here is a summary of the most popular ones to help with your Drupal search engine optimization. Module Project Page Version Importance Tutorials Path handbook/modules/path 4/5/6 must have Path Tutorial Path Auto project/pathauto 5/6 must have Pathauto Tutorial Pathauto Settings Tutorial Page […]

Free Drupal Tutorial Collections

Drupal is one of the most powerful open source content management system, voted by community and professionals as the best Open Source CMS in last two years. I have built many websites with Drupal, and found it a great solution for almost all kind of websites from simple blog to large corporate presentations If you don’t know Drupal, or want to […]

Create SEO Friendly URLs in Drupal

Here we will try to explain how you can enable the clean URLs in Drupal in three simple steps. All SiteGround servers fully support the Apache mod_rewrite module and all Drupal users hosted on our servers will be able to use the clean URLs option. There are only 3 steps you need to follow to […]

How to Make your module translatable in Drupal?

To let users translate your module strings, you must use the t() function. This allows the Drupal community to create translation files *.po. But this also allows user to tweak some strings to fit their needs, with the String Overrides module. So everytime your write a sentence or a word in your module, surround your string with the t() function. This […]