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Most Useful WordPress Plugin for Google Adsense

Most Useful Google Adsense WordPress Plugins Listed below are 10 best Adsense plugins which help you work smarter with wordpress. Adsense Deluxe – offers advanced options for managing the automatic insertion of Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts. Easily switch all AdSense ads to a new color scheme across the […]

How do make your Adsense targeting for your post content in WordPress-Part 02?

In the first part, How do make your Adsense targeting for your post content in WordPress-Part 01?, I explained you how to wrap your post content with targeting tags automatically using wordpress filters. In the second part i will show you how to exclude certain parts of your posts from ad targeting. We are going to […]

How to Change Adsense Colors to Fit Your Theme in WordPress?

Adsense widget is so easy to use and add ads on your wordpress blog. But there is one missing part. Colors?! Wrong. With adsense widget you can change colors in two different ways. Here i will show you how to change your ad colors for your theme. First option is using Google‘s ad management feature called […]

Google Adsense Widget Guide

ADSENSE ID This is your unique adsense id given by google. You can see your adsense id on top right corner of Google Adsense Panel. It is a number startin with “pub-”. For this field you need to enter “pub-” in front of your id. TITLE Title is shown before the widget. Its display is […]

How do make your Adsense targeting for your post content in WordPress-Part 01?

Adsense is a great way making money from your blog. It also allows content targeting for ad units. Here i will give you a little trick you can use on your wordpress blog to target your ads using your post content. You can easily target your ads putting your content inside <!– google_ad_section_start –> and <!– google_ad_section_end –> tags. […]

Adsense Widget Shortcode for WordPress

Adsense widget allows you to use it in your posts with shortcode. Basic shortcode syntax follows: All the arguments are optional. By default  only displays banner with no slot & channel id, align class to none. Shortcode accepts following values for type: leaderboard : A wide banner with 728×90 pixels in size. banner : Regular banner with 468×60 […]