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What image compression settings to use when converting an image to jpg/jpeg

I have been trying to find the perfect compression settings to use when converting my digital images to ‘jpg’ or ‘jpeg’ format that yields the best result in terms of the image quality and the image size. There are various softwares out there that can convert images e.g. Photoshop, ACDsee, ImageConverter etc. I always used […]

How to Reduce your website’s bandwidth and storage usage?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution for using big files (movie files for example) on your website without wasting your website’s bandwidth and storage then read on. When you host a media on your website it takes the storage on your site and when the users view that media it takes […]

How to Build Campaign links for Google Analytics?

  Google Analytics gives you a wide range of options for analyzing your sites. One great feature i like most is the campaign links tracking. Here i will show you how to create campaign links. Using the campaign link structure you can easily track;   Where your visitors come from, What media they used, What keyword […]

Optimize Your Website or Blog to Perform Well With Google Local Search Results

  Every webmaster knows that, Driving targeted traffic to your site globally through google search results is not an easy task. But do you know d riving traffic to your website or blog through local search results through google is fairly simple than global traffic? Now a days google prefers more localized search results which ensures […]

How to Share a Google Plus (+) Circle?

Google+ continues to increase its user base and continues to add great features. One of the best things about the service is, of course, Circles. The ease with which you can create friend circles and share content with them selectively is what differentiated Google+ from the likes of Facebook and others at the first place (although […]

How to Create a Strong Password?

You may think you are using the most strongest password by using a long password with only alphabets or numbers, but do you know that the long alphabet or numeral password can be cracked flat in max 32Sec.? These passwords can be easily cracked by using a method named Bruteforce. You can read more about […]

How to Hack Email ID & Password?

How To Hack Emails is a keyword searched everyday on the web, Though not much people get the point that there is no Software which will Hack Email Account upon entering the Email Address of the person you want to hack.Here I will discuss with you the different ways to get hold of a persons Email […]

How to increase the speed of Internet on Windows 7/XP/Vista and Linux

The internet browsing speed can be utilized to the maximum extent which one’s internet service provider is providing by following the below steps, which basically is not used to the fullest level due to reasons like of DNS and so on. Changing of the DNS(Domain Name System) of the current service provider to the fastest DNS servers of the […]

How to Automatically Save passwords in Firefox

The login details used to login for websites infirefox could be made to save them automaticallyby just altering some stuffs in the firefox. Firefox being a opensource product makes one get thesource codes of the application easily and just a change in them can create big differences on many aspects. The login details used on firefox made to be auto saved can be used for phishing purposes easily […]