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How to Install Team Viewer and Getting Share Remote Desktop?

1. Download Team Viewer Setup File for Installation Server 1. [CLICK HERE]        Server2 [CLICK HERE] 2. For details about how to download and installing “Team Viewer in Different Internet Browser? shows below A. Google Chrome Browser a.  Click on the “Keep” Button to start Downloading   b.  Now the File is Downloading   c. […]

How to Keep your Windows XP PC optimized?

After installing many programs or applications and or if you use your computer quite frequently your hard drive can become cluttered and unorganized. Over time and with continued use, yourWindows XP computer might become sluggish and applications may not be as snappy or start as quickly as they once did. This is a fairly common problem that Windows XP […]

How to protect a shared folder on Network with password?

If your looking topassword protect a shared folder on your network, you’ve probably noticed that Windows XP doesn’t have any built in features allowing you to lock access to a folder via a password like previous Windows releases did. This means that anyone using the same workgroup or domain can access the files within your shared folder. The good […]

How to Recover Windows XP Administrator Password?

The other day a buddy of mine had lost access to his Windows XP AdministratorAccount because he forgot his password. He turned to me for help and as usual I was willing to lend a hand. The following tutorial covers the process of resetting your administrator password on Windows XP or NT Operating Systems. Windows stores its user information, […]

How to Hack Windows Login Password?

The following simple solution can be used to retrieve a Lost Windows login password. Helpful for those who have forgot Windows Login password and need to Reveal Windows Login Password. I can recall multiple instances when I have needed toFind Windows Login Password for an administrative account. Over time it’s easy to forget what password we have set for the Windows admin account. […]

How to Configure Auto Login to Windows?

Want toautomatically logon to Windows instead of having to click a user and enter your Windows login password? The following simple solution will enable you tologin to Windows automatically and send you straight to your desktop (bypassing the welcome screen) without user interaction. I highly recommend this tutorial if your the only user who has access to your computer. How to […]

How to Install and Partition a New Hard Drive?

you have purchased a new hard drive and would like to add it to your Windows XPcomputer. New drives do not ship pre-formatted, so you’ll need to create a new partition(s) and format them. Using the graphical disk management tool in Windows XP, it’s simple to create a new partition. Installing and Partitioning a NEW Hard Drive: […]

How to Erase Empty Space on Hard Drive Permanently?

In this simple solution, I cover one method toErase Empty Space on a Hard Drive. By default when you send items to theRecycle Bin, Delete Email, Clear Browsing History, Etc, the information that occupied that space on your Hard Drive can still be recovered until that space is overwritten several times with new data. You can […]

Install Windows XP From a USB Flash Drive?

In this simple solution I cover one way to Put Windows XP Install Disk on a USB Flash Drive. Installing Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive might be useful for example if you wish to Install Windows XP on a Netbook or Laptop that has no CD Drive. One of the simplest approaches I have found […]

How to Add a banner to a single page in WordPress?

This tutorial explains how to add a banner to a single page or set of pages in WordPress. This is particularly useful for those that have the desire to display a specific banner on a per page basis. For example, you might want one page to present a banner but do not want the banner to appear on your […]