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Upload Videos from Your Mobile Phone to YouTube

Here’s another cool and convenient way to post videos to YouTube: Use your mobile phone. If your cell phone has a built-in video camera, you can upload videos directly from that phone without first copying them to your PC. All you have to do is set up YouTube’s mobile upload options and then email your […]

Post YouTube Videos to Your Own Blog

If you have your own personal blog, YouTube makes it easy to send any public YouTube video to your blog as a new blog posting. First, however, you have to tell YouTube about your blog so that it knows where to send the post. Start by clicking the My Account link at the top of […]

Share a YouTube Video through Email

If you like a particular YouTube video, chances are you have a friend or two who might like it, too. That’s why YouTube lets you share the videos you like—in fact, this type of video sharing is a defining feature of the whole YouTube experience. You share YouTube videos via email. That is, YouTube lets […]

How to create a YouTube playlist?

One of the challenges of enjoying YouTube is the sheer volume of videos available. Saving videos to your Favorites list is one way to handle this volume, but even the Favorites list can get too large to be easily manageable. For that reason, you may want to createplaylists separate from (or in addition to) your Favorites […]

How to flag a YouTube video for future viewing?

Here’s a familiar situation. You’re browsing the YouTube site and find a video that looks interesting, but you don’t have the time or inclination to watch it right then. Fortunately, YouTube lets you save this video in a temporary QuickList, without having to open the video page and start playback. Then, when you’re ready, you […]

Youtube Video tricks

Youtube is a Google owned vast Video sharing site which has plenty of high quality and informative videos in it. Here are some of the tricks which can be used on youtube videos of that particular video url for the desired kind of the result as mentioned with the trick. 1) View high quality videos […]