Top Five Software for Making Presentations

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1. Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint from Microsoft, is a widely used software for presentation world wide, and its also the oldest presentation software, about 20-years-old  is still handling major roll in presentation  software . Everyday millions of PowerPoint presentation are given in any given day. The ease of use and popularity of Microsoft Windows is the key to the success of MS PowerPoint.

2. Flash

With Flash we can produce stunning presentations and animations, they can also put on-line without any modification. The most important aspect of Flash is the ease by which video can be inserted in the presentation.

The main problem with Flash is the big learning curve and the need of a Flash professional to create even a basic presentation.

3. Open Office Impress

The main advantage of Open Office Impress is its prize as the software is free open source presentation technology.

For advance users, the graphic capability of Impress is way better than that of PowerPoint.

Another biggest advantage of Impress is – it can export the presentation to Flash, for posting the presentation online. And, it can open PowerPoint presentation and can even save the presentation in PowerPoint format.

4. Photoshop (Gimp)

A presentation is nothing more than artistically and strategically prepared illustrations. Nothing beats Adobe Photoshop when photo manipulation and illustrations is concerned.

The open source equivalent, Gimp, can also be used instead of Photoshop to adjust colors, make images transparent and add text and information on them.

5. Apple Keynote (For Mac)

Apple’s Keynote is one of the best presentation software . It’s only the number of Macs users are not that many to to have a large Keynote users community.

Unlike PowerPoint, that comes with MS Office Suit, Keynote can now be purchased individually in the Mac Store.

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