Twitter directly from Google Reader by Treader

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I love my Google Reader shared items, but when I want to add a little commentary, I post a link to Twitter. I created a Greasemonkey script namedTreader to streamline the process.

In Google Reader, I select the entry I want to twitter and then hit Shift+T. Treader pops up a prompt pre-filled with the entry name and link.

I just edit the twitter to my liking, and hit OK. Treader posts it in the background using Twitter’s API. I never have to leave Google Reader.


To try it for yourself:


  1. Install Greasemonkey if you haven’t already. Greasemonkey requires Firefox.
  2. Install Treader.
  3. Reload Google Reader, select an entry you want to share, and then hit Shift+T. It will ask you to log into Twitter the first time through.



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