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 RI WinTrader can double your investment in a month with more than 90% accurate signals . Its no matter whether the market is in up trend or down trend or choppy market. Our software will work in any market condition. Only follow some basic principle and follow our software blindly, you can double your investment in a month.

We prefer to trade in MCX – Copper future, this will generate more accurate signals by our software. One lot copper requires Rs. 22500/- as margin money, but we instruct our traders to invest Rs. 30000/- for trading one lot Copper future in MCX.

By following our software you can assure 90% that you will get 3% of your investment everyday, ie, Rs. 900/-daily, in a month total 20 trading sessions (Mon-Fri), so your monthly profit will be Rs. 18,000/-, this is 60% of your investment, in many times you will get more than 5% daily, so that you can double your account in a month.

WinTrader Trading System gives more than 90% accurate buy / sell signals in MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), the main commodities our WinTrader Trading systems performs are Gold (MCX), Silver (MCX), Copper (MCX), Nickel (MCX), Lead (MCX), Zinc (MCX) Crude Oil (MCX) and Natural Gas (MCX).

You will get assured monthly return with our WinTrader Trading system by trading in commodity by following strictly money management rule from our tutorials. With one purchase of single software you can trade in Commodity, NSE and FOREX.

We are releasing new trading system as updates to existing with the aim to more profit and less risk frequently by our research team.

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