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Rectifying “Lack of Root Filesystem Area” Error Message in Solar Solaris Working System

Kernel patches in Solaris working system are primarily put in to extend the efficiency and take away the bugs. Whereas kernel patches present a number of advantages, putting in these patches may additionally consequence into an error message. As soon as the error message seems, the system turns into unbootable making all the information saved on the laborious drive inaccessible. To resolve such points, an ideal answer is to revive the information from an up-to-date backup. Nonetheless, if no backup is obtainable or backup fails to revive the specified info, then it is advisable use environment friendly Solar Solaris Sparc Restoration Software program.

As a sensible case, you put in Solaris 10 kernel patches 137137-09 (SPARC) in your system. After the set up is completed,

“Nov 16 12:52:41 beetle reboot: rebooted by root

Creating boot_archive for /var/run/.patch_root_loopbackmnt

updating /var/run/.patch_root_loopbackmnt/platform/sun4u/boot_archive

15+0 information in 15+0 information out

Nov 16 12:53:03 beetle ufs: NOTICE: alloc: /: file system full

cat: write error: No house left on machine

Nov 16 12:53:05 beetle syslogd: taking place on sign 15

syncing file methods… performed


Rebooting with command: boot

Boot machine: /pci@1c,600000/scsi@2/disk@0,0:a File and args: kernel/sparcv9/unix

search failed

Warning: Fcode sequence resulted in a internet stack depth change of 1



The file simply loaded doesn’t seem like executable.”

After the above error message seems, the system develop into unbootable and the information saved on the laborious drive turns into inaccessible.


The foundation trigger for the prevalence of the above error message is change within the boot structure resulting from set up of kernel patches. The above error message primarily happens on SPARC methods the place there may be lower than 550MB of free house within the root file system.


To resolve the above error and entry the information, it is advisable comply with these steps:

1. Boot your pc from the community/CD/DVD utilizing a Solaris 10 05/08 (or later).

2. Mount the foundation filesystem slice to /

3. rm -f //platform/’uname -m’/boot_archive

4. //sbin/bootadm -a update_all

Nonetheless, if the above steps fail to resolve the difficulty and the information nonetheless stays inaccessible, then it is advisable use highly effective Solar Solaris Sparc Information Restoration Software program to recuperate your information. Such Solar Solaris Sparc Restoration instruments use excessive finish scanning mechanisms to recuperate your information. These restoration functions recuperate your information after fsck is unable to restore the system information constructions.

Stellar Phoenix (Solaris – Sparc) software program is a robust Solar Solaris Information Restoration utility that recovers information from Solaris working system on Sparc platform. This non harmful restoration software helps UFS file methods. It will get put in on Home windows (XP, 2003, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95) and the affected UNIX laborious drive ought to be related as slave.

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