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Graphology at Residence – Lesson 5 – The ‘i’ Dot

When the capital letter I-the ego-is written large, that is the picture the author has of himself. Certainly he’s extraordinarily selfish, a megalomaniac.

A block letter exhibits tradition, somebody who reads. That is the capital I discovered in most books.

The unadorned I exhibits nothing further and equally signifies the one who sticks to the only necessities.

The massive, ugly I with hooks is the signal of egotism and greed. This author is all out for himself, prepared to keep away from tasks.

The I that appears just like the #1 exhibits a relationship to numbers. Usually these persons are discovered to excel in arithmetic.

When the I dot is to the suitable, it’s known as the publish positioned i dot. This author’s ideas run in entrance of his actions, and his writing exhibits velocity. His urge is to complete his activity with out worrying about actual particulars.

The pre-placed i dot, which is to the left, exhibits procrastination, warning, lack of self-confidence, repression. The left, represents the previous (the author lives prior to now), whereas the i dot to the suitable of the stem-the post-placed- i dot represents the longer term.

The precisely positioned I dot above the stem is the signal of accuracy, perfection, glorious judgment, glorious reminiscence, sturdy adherence to particulars. This author usually has a matter-of-fact character. He isn’t solely cautious in dotting the i, however locations it precisely the place it belongs. This exhibits focus. Many judges and scientists dot their i’s on this trend.

The i dots that are precisely above the i stem are sometimes discovered amongst people who find themselves thought of extremely ethical folks. They normally take strongly conservative factors of view, in distinction to the writers of the post-placed i dots, who usually tend to be liberals. The post-placed author lets himself go, whereas the exacting author weighs each motion.

The high-flying dot exhibits the particular person whose ideas are excessive within the sky. He’s usually unrealistic, but when he attains his inconceivable targets, he does so in a giant means.

When an i dot is just not actually a dot, however a vertical line, it’s a signal of criticism, of an individual who has a powerful concern with rules. Not solely does the form of the dot look like a descending knife, however it might additionally move for an exclamation level, demonstrating emphasis.

An i dot shaped of a circle displays the eccentric-sometimes mildly so, typically not so mildly. These folks present delicate neurotic tendencies and are ceaselessly unable to face actuality. They go after fads very often and are of an inventive nature. The late artist Walt Disney wrote an identical i dot. It’s fascinating that his circled i dot appears similar to Mickey Mouse’s spherical ears.

The very gentle ‘i’ dot signifies a scarcity of willpower, presumably bodily weak point and even sickness, as if the particular person didn’t have the power to dot the i correctly. (A light-weight t bar clearly exhibits the identical which means.)

Once we see an i dot joined to a different letter (and for that matter, any letter that requires a dot or bar), it exhibits a intelligent mixture of thoughts-doing two issues in a single shot, so to talk. These are the personalities of chess gamers, individuals who can resolve summary and complex puzzles and make logical deductions.

When the i dot is an arc that opens on the left aspect, it’s a signal of the neurotic, untrustworthy character. He shies away from the system. The arc, which is thought to be the attention, is wanting towards the left indicating a scarcity of belief in anyone he has been concerned with within the latest previous. (It’s usually the untrustworthy one who doesn’t belief others)

When the i dot is within the type of an arc open to the suitable, it’s the signal of the observer. The arc itself appears like a watch observing one thing.

When the dot is straight over the stem and heavy, it signifies good reminiscence, sound judgment, and the power to do element work. You usually discover this author to be very materialistic and in a state of melancholy. (Heaviness in writing exhibits the bodily, and the bodily brings on materialism.) Relating to the melancholy, it appears to be a weight on the author’s head, carrying an additional load.

When the dots are extra like dashes, they signify power, fear, and irritability. In case you go over these dots your self, you possibly can virtually really feel liveliness, irritability, and likewise a sure diploma of velocity. When the i wants a dot and precision is de facto needed, this author flings his pen in such a way as to make the dots into dashes. It exhibits he doesn’t care, as a result of there’s something bothering him.

When the i dots look extra like commas or arcs, they’re indicators of humor, wit, and gaiety. In case you look carefully at them, they resemble laughing mouths.

An i with no dot might merely point out velocity (which must be checked with the remainder of the writing). In any other case, the dotless i exhibits forgetfulness, carelessness, neglect. That is additionally true of the t bar with out the bar.

A word about genius: There isn’t a hard-and-fast rule for recognizing genius by means of an individual’s handwriting. Nevertheless, sure indicators usually do seem within the script of great-minded males: excessive upper-zone extension (with out loops), and/or very small, and even microscopic, center zones. (There isn’t a specific guideline to the decrease zones.)

Typically talking, for the reason that center zone is the social space, the bigger it’s, the much less the powers of focus. Thus, the good thoughts tends to point out in his handwriting a willingness to surrender the social world for extra intense powers of focus.

Because the common measurement of a zone is 3 millimeters, something below this measurement we name small and the smaller in measurement it will get, the stronger the focus, normally on the expense of sociability.

Different traits generally discovered within the handwriting of the genius are super velocity and sloppiness, indicating that the particular person’s considering is to date forward of his writing that he has no time for meticulous penmanship.

Though a genius might place lots of his t bars and that i dots nicely to the suitable of the stem, he’ll place others with nice precision, for, nevertheless quickly he could also be considering, a lot of his work requires exactitude in addition to velocity.

A kind that ceaselessly turns up within the writing of somebody with a excessive IQ is a g made within the form of a determine 8, displaying velocity plus a sure grace.

Might we digress to the topic of legibility?

The actual fact of legibility in handwriting and its diploma will not be really easy to ascertain. We learn entire phrases at a time, a few of us entire phrases. Consequently, one and even a number of illegible letters in a phrase is not going to forestall us from accurately guessing what the phrase is from the context. As skilled readers, we actually don’t thoughts a not wholly legible hand. As graphologists, we should be much less lenient.

To ascertain the legibility of handwriting, we should attempt to learn it phrase by phrase. Solely when handwriting proves to be legible in a word-by-word examination can or not it’s pronounced legible.

To interpret a hand graphologically, on the premise of its legibility, we should ask ourselves why an individual might select to jot down, but on the similar time write illegibly. Lip service is the phrase that comes first to our thoughts. To let the gesture stand for the act is the intent of 1 who writes however does so illegibly. Or he might take into account himself so superior that studying his missive is the recipient’s obligation; conceit and vanity, subsequently, may additionally result in illegible handwriting.

Or we might write the message although we would like to maintain its contents to ourselves. On this case, it could be affectation of mysteriousness, or neurotic anxiousness, or psychotic suspiciousness, or maybe even a persecution advanced that blurs our hand. It was mistrust that created cipher or code writing.

Paranoia or persecution mania, to make certain, doesn’t make handwriting wholly illegible. Quite the opposite, paranoiacs usually write meticulously legibly, as if attempting their greatest to not arouse any suspicion. However there concurrently seem sure remoted illegible characters or phrases;

they appear to be corrections, however the result’s at all times virtually full illegibility. Paranoiacs appear to be feverishly bent on enhancing themselves and apprehensive over what could be misinterpreted and criticized by others, however it most likely is a part of their psychological dysfunction to not succeed however fairly to make issues nonetheless worse.

An individual with an illegible or uncared for hand can’t be known as both honest or co-operative. For if he has nothing to cover, or actually desires to be understood by his neighbor, why ought to he write illegibly? We should assume that he doesn’t care whether or not or not we are able to learn his letter. This isn’t the best way of a thoughtful particular person. Certainly, inconsiderateness, carelessness, (in clothes, too), insincerity, and even unhealthy manners could also be noticed in folks with barely legible palms. Very most likely, they’d even be unpunctual, disorderly, and indolent. There was a time when well-educated folks, and particularly intellectuals, thought it beneath them to jot down a legible handwriting. Freud has, I feel, interpreted the illegible hand of docs, for example, as a part of their skilled pleasure and secretiveness; they are not looking for the layman to know their notes clearly reserved for different docs or pharmacists. Nevertheless, it’s fairly conceivable that some scientists or thinkers, very a lot indifferent from the world, overlook that others may additionally want to learn their writings: (Einstein clearly is just not one among these; his handwriting is legible).

Folks with little coaching in penmanship don’t write illegibly or carelessly. Their writing might look fairly helpless, untrained, however it’s usually remarkably legible.

An individual’s illegible signature doesn’t admit of any complimentary interpretation. For the way a lot belief will be positioned in a doc if the signature that’s to show the signer’s willpower to hold out his guarantees can’t be deciphered? In a way, an illegible signature annuls the doc it pretends to enforce. (Solely an nameless ¬letter or a ransom word goes nicely with an illegible signature.) A particular type of illegible signature, the paraph, is utilized by individuals who suppose they’re above the need of figuring out themselves by way of their signature. One of the best-known case is Napoleon and the person with Napoleonic aspirations. If a person thinks of himself as one whom everyone should know and blindly obey, why ought to he hassle to jot down his signature legibly? Certainly, a paraph will suffice. If examination of the handwriting pattern reveals that right here and there, one letter stands for an additional very plainly, for instance, an l for a b or an h for a okay, we all know from expertise that the pattern originated with a liar, a swindler, or a cheat.

(“Adolf” in Adolf Hitler’s signature)

Vague figures are made by careless folks and other people whose perspective in monetary issues is just not clear. However figures that may be misinterpret, for instance, a 5 for an 8, or a 1 for a 7, and so forth, are related to fraudulent intentions on the a part of the author.

Legibility, alternatively, is attribute of honest people and of people that have an excellent capability for purposeful work. Legible handwriting may additionally be related to orators, lecturers, and pedants; the fashion worth will inform us whether or not the hand is that of a terrific instructor or merely a pedant’s.

There are some peculiarities concerning the tempo of writing, which we should know so as to draw right conclusions. As an illustration, Saudek discovered that tall letters, comparable to f, are at all times extra rapidly written than minimal (small) letters, comparable to i; subsequently, a small script is at all times extra reluctantly shaped than a large one. The rounded letters are produced “with out pause,” angular formations by no means with out “stopping for a fraction of a second earlier than the transition from one course to the opposite.” The angle author, subsequently, is at all times a hedger. The identical holds true of handwriting with many damaged traces, or with many modifications in course, significantly left-tending strokes (in a writing motion, which, as ours, is principally proper tending). “Nobody is able to making a dot when writing at a excessive charge of velocity, however will as a substitute produce… a comma or accent.” Equally, a spontaneous author is not going to place the dots precisely over the i’s. Then again, solely ¬spontaneity can produce a straight line, a slowly executed straight line being essentially damaged. Furthermore, spontaneity will at all times slant its writing to the suitable; upright or left¬ slanted writing isn’t shaped spontaneously.

Examination for Lesson 5

1. What sort of capital exhibits excessive egocentricity?

2. The ‘unadorned’ capital signifies what sort of character?

3. Which ‘i’ dot displays procrastination?

4. Which sort of ‘i’ dot discloses sturdy adherence to particulars?

5. What does the ‘i’ dot joined to a different letter reveal?

6. Which ‘i’ dot reveals humor, wit, and gaiety?

7. Intense powers of focus are ceaselessly discovered within the script of the genius.

Describe this distinctive sort of writing and the zone.

8. Code writing was created due to trust-or the alternative?

9. When sure remoted illegible phrases seem, which sort of mania is recommended?

10. Sincerity and co-operating usually tend to be present in legible or illegible script?

A. Legible B. Illegible

11. Who’re ‘identified’ to jot down illegibly in order that the layman is not going to perceive their notes?

12. An illegible signature annuls or confirms the doc it pretends to enforce?

A. Annuls___ B. Confirms___

13. Do spontaneous writers place the dots precisely over the ‘i’s or not?

Solutions for Lesson 5

1. One that’s huge

2. The one that sticks to the only necessities.

3. The pre-placed i dot

4. The i dot that’s precisely above the stem.

5. It exhibits a intelligent mixture of thoughts-doing two issues in a single shot, so to talk. These are the personalities of chess gamers, individuals who can resolve summary and complex puzzles and make logical deductions.

6. i dots that look extra like commas or arcs. (They resemble laughing mouths).

7. Very small, and even microscopic, center zones. The center zone is the social space, the bigger it’s, the much less the powers of focus. Thus the good thoughts tends to point out in his handwriting a willingness to surrender the social world for extra intense powers of focus.

8. The alternative

9. Paranoia or persecution mania

10. Legible

11. Medical doctors

12. Annuls

13. They don’t place the dots precisely over the ‘i’.

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